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Why choose Titan Funding Partners?

At Titan, we do more than provide solutions. We build genuine partnerships. Explore the unique benefits we offer.

Fast Approval

Time is money. That’s why we offer one of the fastest approval rates in the industry, usually within 24 hours or less.

Get An Offer Quickly with Our Secure Application Portal

Our application portal is simple and user-friendly. Fill it out on your phone or computer in just 5 minutes and get an instant response. No fuss, just quick and easy.

Applying does not impact your credit score.

Personalized Service

Get personalized service & support from experts who care about your business as much as you do.

Flexible Offers

Every business is unique, and so are our loan plans. Receive a range of offers and choose what works best for you.

Partners First

We focus on individual client needs and long-term partnerships. At Titan, you're more than a transaction; you're a valued partner.

Titan Funding Partners App

Access Our Team of Internal Consultants.

In business, having the right help matters. At Titan, we make this easy for you. By working with us, you get advice from internal consultants who know can give you smart tips and help you get the funds you need. Join Titan Funding today.

  • Access our network of top funders, partners, and private investors.
  • Hundreds of success stories and satisfied partners

Financial Solutions
Custom-Tailored for You

From lines of credit and term funding to merchant cash advances, Titan Funding Partners provides financial options crafted for your business requirements.

Line of Credit

A revolving pool of funds, ready whenever your business needs it.




  • Immediate cash availability
  • Only pay interest on used funds
  • Adjustable credit limits
  • No long-term commitment
Term Funding

Upfront funds with set repayment periods, ideal for significant investments.




  • Structured repayment schedule
  • Suitable for large investments
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Long or short-term options

Upfront cash for a a flat payment, calculated from past business revenue.


/full term*


  • Based on sales history
  • Predictable estimated payment
  • Quick cash access
  • Tailored to expected revenues

Get Funded in Three Simple Steps

We've made our funding process quick and easy. Just fill out the online form, and we'll quickly get back to you with the best options for your needs.

100s Of Happy Clients
and Counting.

Samuel K

Asheville, NC

Derek at Titan Funding Partners really helped me out. He took the time to get what my business needed, and it felt personal, not just like another deal.

Linda F

Boulder, CO

I worked with Jack from Titan, and he was great. He really listened to what we needed and gave us solid advice. You can tell he cares.

Rajesh P
Madison, WI

Titan's been awesome for my business. Derek gave me practical advice, and I felt he really got what we were about.

Jessica L
Santa Fe, NM

I've talked to a few finance places before, but Titan and Jack stood out. He's down-to-earth, and I felt like he really wanted to help.

Brian M
Eugene, OR

Working with Derek at Titan felt different. It wasn't just about money; he seemed to care about how my business was doing.

Alicia R.
Portsmouth, NH

Jack at Titan was a big help. It's clear he's all in for his clients, and that meant a lot to me.

Mohammed A
Dallas, TX

Titan's team, especially Derek, made me feel at ease. He was genuinely interested in helping my business.

Nina S
Seattle, WA

I've been in business for a while and talked to many finance folks. Working with Jack at Titan was a breath of fresh air. He really values the people he works with.

Not sure if you qualify? No problem!

At Titan Funding Partners, we've made the application process straightforward and reassuring. Dive in and explore your financial options with confidence, knowing there's no impact on your credit score and no obligations. We review your details and offer customized solutions based on what you're looking for.

  • Zero Credit Impact: Apply freely without affecting your credit.
  • No Obligations: See your options with absolutely no commitments.
  • Safe & Confidential: We uphold the highest standards of privacy for your info.
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Explore our frequently asked questions to get clarity on our services and how we can best assist your business.

What is the eligibility criteria to apply with Titan?

At Titan, we assess your financial needs through our secure application portal, tailoring solutions to a wide range of businesses without any hard credit inquiries.

What types of financing does Titan offer?

We provide various financial products such as Lines of Credit, Term Funding, and MCAs (Merchant Cash Advances), each designed to meet specific business needs.

What are the interest rates?

Interest rates vary by product. For example, Term Funding start at 8% annually, while MCAs start at 9.99% rate for the full term. Rates are detailed once offers are generated.

How does the application process work?

Use our secure, mobile-friendly portal to fill out a streamlined application form, and receive a quick approval.

How quickly can I expect an approval?

Our system is designed for efficiency. Submit your application and expect an instant or same-day approval, ensuring rapid access to funds.

What are the repayment terms for the loans?

Repayment terms are based on funding type. For example, Term Funding offer both short and long-term options with structured schedules. Specific terms are in the agreement.

How secure is my data with Titan?

We prioritize your data security. Our application portal employs advanced encryption techniques to protect your personal and financial information. We NEVER share your data with anyone outside of our partner network.

What are the financing limits with Titan?

We provide substantial funding, with loan limits up to $3,000,000, depending on the type, to support your business growth.

Can I expect support and guidance during the process?

Absolutely! At Titan, our dedicated team is always here to assist. We're committed to providing a smooth, transparent, and supportive experience throughout the funding process.

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